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Exclusive Holidays is a tour operator to cater and specializing private tour with your individual needs. We cater private tour for couple, family and group.

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About us

Cebu Exclusive Holiday is a tour operator to cater and specializing private tour with your individual needs. We cater private tour for couple, family and group.

Activities for Cebu Philippines

Bohol Day Tour

The Chocolate Hills are a geological formation in the Bohol province of the Philippines. There are at least 1,260 hills, but there may be as many as 1,776 hills spread over an area of more than 50 square kilometers. They are covered in green grass that turns brown during the dry season, hence the name. Wikipedia

Elevation: 120 m

Area: 50 km²

Established: June 18, 1988

4:30 AM pick up at your hotel to drive to the pier and ride the Passenger boat to Bohol for 2 hours.
Breakfast and then ride the boat for Balicasag Island and will snorkeling there for 2 hours.

Lunch at the Boat and ride back to the Main land to Proceed at Chocolate hills and after ride back the passenger boat back to Cebu for 2 hours.

Whale Shark and 3 Waterfalls – Cascading Waterfalls Oslob, Kawasan falls

This is the perfect combination when you have the short vacation. It is full day activities.

2 ½ hours from Cebu City Drive depends on the speed to 3 hours and ½.  The private guide will accompany you all the time with full service.

Tumalog Falls in Oslob is without a doubt one of Cebu’s greatest waterfalls! The sheer size of Tumalog Falls distinguishes it from other waterfalls in Oslob. Its height is between 80 and 100 meters. It is situated in Barangay Luka, near to the well-known whaleshark attraction in Oslob. Aguinid waterfalls– It has 3 layers of waterfalls for upstream and you can jump and climb on the rock

Kawasan Waterfalls- Last Stop of the waterfalls. It is 30 minutes walks from the main road and the road is totally flat.

Whale Shark Snorkeling and Snorkeling with Millions of Sardines

This is perfect combination for Day tour activity. Sardines lives in Pescador Island before year 2012. The million of Sardines now it is located at Panagsama Beach. 5 meters away from the shore line. Water visibility is crystal clear up to 20 meters depths. The Sardines Snorkeling activity we will provide mask and snorkel with life vest for your safety. Panagsama beach it has strong current when if its going to low tide or high tide. Safety is always First for us.

Our guide will swim with you and taking pictures for your souvenir. After the tour if you have SD card we can transfer it to your SD card all the videos and photos taken that day. Before the Sardines snorkeling start, you can also give us your SD card to be use for the photos and vidoes.

Oslob Whale Shark Snorkeling and Canyoning

Canyoning at the Kawasan waterfalls in Bandian. Downstream canyoning it is advisable for the beginners and intermediate skills. It has andreraline scenario and different kind of rock formations. You will definitely jum in the natural pool water with 3 to 5 meters high. If you are afraid of heights it is possible also not to jump,but you can try in 2 meters and you just SHOUT OUT LOUD to release your fears. It is fun and check our Facebook page to see the pictures and vidoes. https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100063798414154

Time start: at 9:00 AM until 4:00 PM in the afternoon.

Oslob Whale Shark Watching

Whale shark in Tan-awan Oslob was discovered on 2012 with the fishermen who went out for their lively hood to catch fish in the ocean. The fishermen went out for net fishing and throwing small shrimps in the sea to feed the fish. It is the best way to catch net the fish but when they throw the shrimp into the sea, the “Butanting” Local    name of the whale shark appeared in the surface and they are shock  because it is super big and they thought it will kill them. The fisher man departed from the net fishing area but the Whale shark” keep following them. Finally,they went back home to ther own town and tell the story to the dive shop center. The scuba instructor when he heard this story, he was very interested and told to the fisherman to let him join on their netfishing area. And this scuba instructor man is a Japanese and does not know how to speak Fililipino language.He finally join and he took pictures and video and sent it to Japan scuba diving shop. Since then a lot of Japanese coming to Cebu Philippines just to see this whale shark and do scuba diving.Gadie Bacali- is a freediver and she was the first chosen Filipina freediver to freedive/ Snorkeling with the whale shark and was chosen also by the local tourism office in Tan-awan Oslob to invite all the tourist people to come and visit Cebu for this local attraction. It was in the news papers and in all world wide television  news and Miss Gadie Bacali was always in the Video for the demonstration that the whale shark “ Butanting” is a Gentle giant and very harmless.

Portugal Madeira Island Activities

Madeira Island Tour

Snorkeling at Travessa Pria Breach for 1 hour. It is 20 minutes drive from funchal and then from the main road we will walk down to the beach for snorkeling. After Snorkeling we will eat dinner or and make bon fire and BBQ the food for Dinner. You can dance at the bonfire to relax and enjoy the view.

Madeira Boat Party in Madeira

Boat Party is amazing!

You will experience the best boat party:

What will you experience in our boat party?

At the Boat we have DJ on board for the music
It has mask and snorkel provided. The boat will stop in the middle of the ocean and everyone will jump in the water to snorkel or to have fun jumping session for photos and wacky photos and also it has dancing and games. 


Food: Local food is provided. It has Finger BBQ food at the boat to eat hot and fresh
            It has veggies for the vegetarian and Chef Gadie Bacali will be on board to join.


Time: 10:00 AM start and Do not be late Duration: It is 4 to to 5 hours depends ont he weather condition.

Entrance Fee: 50 euro each with Food and 3X drinks 1 glass of Red wine
                      Beer and Red wine available to purchase


Basic Freediving lesson will be introduce for 15 minutes only how to use properly your mask and snorkel and the proper breathing techniques. Coach Gadie Bacali: Freediving Instructor and has been coaching for freediving methods for 16 years in Cebu and in many countries

It has underwater photos also for souvenir by group photos!

Mermaid Photoshoot

Mermaid photo shoot around the madeira Island with 3 Places or Beach Shoreline

IST Place it is Located at Machico Beach
2nd Place It is located at Sao Lorenzo Site view

3rd Place it is located at Porto Moniz area of where the Lagoon. You can do Mermaid photo shoot first and last is swimming. This is one day mermaid photo shoot Activity.

Snorkeling & Freediving Introductory Lesson

Dive into the world of aquatic exploration with our comprehensive 3-hour snorkeling & free-diving lesson. Tailored for both beginners and those looking to refine their skills, this package offers a deep dive into the essential techniques and safety measures required for snorkeling & free-diving.

Snorkeling Guided Tour

Embark on a snorkelling adventure in Madeira, exploring the vibrant Marine Reserve of Garajau and the Fortress Sanctuary in Funchal. Experience breathtaking underwater landscapes and snorkel at prime locations to witness the rich diversity of marine life that Madeira has to offer.

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Cebu Exclusive Holiday is a tour operator to cater and specializing private tour with your individual needs. We cater private tour for couple, family and group.

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Based on 74 reviews
Manny Gonzalez of Plantation bay You are very insensitve Manny Gonzalez of Plantation bay!!! I HATE YOU!!!Mayabang kayo masyado sa establishment nyo. Ngaun, ayaw nyo magpa comment sa sarili nyong web. Don't go to plantation bay.
Convenient but Expensive Private Tour of Bohol We booked a private tour of Bohol for 4 adults from Mactan. Gadie promptly responded to email communication. She also helped me set up an itinerary that covered what we wanted to do (although the end result was exactly what was laid out on her website). We were supposed to be picked up at the resort at 3:55am but Earl came early at 3:15am. I was shocked to receive a call from the front desk, but I told him we will be there at 3:55am as previously agreed (because we were not ready!). Earl is a very nice man, courteous and professional. He made sure we were ok and took care of all the logistics. We also had Berlyne as an assistance, who took our pictures. Very sweet young girl. We made our way smoothly to our ferry terminal and onboard and left on time. A short two-hour nap and we had arrived in Bohol. Our van and driver was already at the terminal. We drove swiftly to the beach to eat breakfast at this cafe. The food was great. We liked the honey butter spread for the toast and we were able to purchase them there. We hopped on a catamaran to go to Balicasag Island. It’s a beautiful island with great coral and marine life. We saw a turtle from afar. It’s a popular spot, so you will see tons of boats and people. We spent about an hour snorkeling. Earl was trying to take pictures but I dont think he was that comfortable in the water. One of the selling point of the tour was that they would take your pictures. I was not satisfied with their offering. The pictures we took of ourselves was so much better. We then headed over to the Virgin Island. It’s a neat place, but again, a lot of people, with pop up vendors everywhere. I saw trash here and there. I hope they keep it clean to preserve the nature. We then headed over to the floating restaurant at the river for lunch. I think all organized tourist groups come here for lunch. There was a long line and we waited for a long time. We were served buffet lunch but we literally had to fight for our food. Kids would grab 25 BBQ pork on the stick, people would pile their plats way high with the shrimps, they use their own forks or stick their hands to grab food. I waited for everybody to be done, and waited for the second round of fresh food to be served. It was disturbing and off putting. At this time, we were way behind our schedule, and still had the singing and the floating boat to go around the river. We saw from other boats that it was just couple of guys playing and singing along the guitar and nothing very cultural, so we said lets get off the boat and go see the monkeys. Good thing we did because at this time, we were really pressed for time. Our driver was truly awesome, driving so fast, literally flying off our seats, but we got to our destinations and had enough time to enjoy ourselves. We got to see the Tarsier monkeys, and hiked up Chocolate hills and viewed bunch of other chocolate hills for miles. It would have been a total disappointment if we came all the way to Bohol and missed those two spots. We even managed to get back to the ferry terminal with a little time to spare. Poor Earl was so worried that we wont make it back that he was thinking of where to spend the night in Bohol. Again 2-hour nap back to Cebu, our driver promptly picked us up, and drove us back to our resort. It was a long busy day, but we had fun. I knew the itinerary was challenging. We also had the butterfly sanctuary and a monument to visit, but there is no way you can do all that. My suggestion for any future tour would be for the guide to be aware of the time, be more vocal about when we need to go and not linger too long at the Virgin Island like we did, and backup options for lunch. Frankly, i would just go eat somewhere cleaner and tastier than at the floating restaurant that serves average food. Overall, it was nice for somebody to arrange everything and take care of the logistics. Doing a Private tour is not cheap, but I expected a little more value(quality of food and quality of photos/videos) for the amount of money we paid. Our guide Earl was fantastic and the sites we visited were awesome. I would not recommend others on the exact same tour we did, but if you could customize to do a little less, it might work. But be prepared to pay. These are pictures taken by ourselves, not them.
great local know-how, personalized, helpful, efficient and enjoyable! Last February, I happened to be in Moalboal, Cebu having just completed my freediving course there I wanted to do some fundiving elsewhere for the last full day of my trip before heading to the airport - so i messaged Cebu Exclusive Holidays, Gadie to see she could help arrange a super last minute fundive trip around Mactan as well as getting me sorted with a reasonably priced and conveniently located hotel for the night before i met her next morning for fundive in Mactan She responded efficiently and quickly within the next 1-2 hours with a hotel booking under my name (all i needed was to check-in and pay the hotel once i arrived) and another email with details instructions on where to meet the next morning for a private guided day of fundiving day on a boat!So all i had to do was arrange a car to pick me up that evening to leave moalboal and head to my hotel in mactan with peace of mind that my final day at cebu was planned we went to 3-4 dive sites, and Gadie's local know how as a local experience and very outdoorsy Cebuan, there really is no one better to contact if you are travelling alone or with a small cosy group and want something personal and at your own pace, and if you dont want the hassle of booking and researching everything yourselfAnd she is an experienced freediver, scuba diver, and underwater model which was a bonus for me as I needed someone to help me take underwater photos and videos whilst doing my fundives with cranes and swimming through caves with my monofin The first time i came in contact with Gadie was back in Dec 2014, where I first learned about mermaiding, freediving, monofins and photoshoot with whaleshark so CEBU was where my journey as a mermaid, finswimmer and freediver began!
Em K
Em K
You really save your penny at great trips with CEH! It is my second time in the Phillipines with my backpacker friends, because there is over 7000 islands to explore. This time we went with still good weather to Moalboal, around the Cebu island and to the close by island Bohol and I must say with CEH we had the best trip ever. Me and my friends booked over two weeks and we had a great time as Gadie and her staff were always helpful and caring for all our group. Day trips and food was tasty and plenty and it really is an excellent deal with no hidden charges. You get what you pay for, even we ould save money and it was much better than our expectations. Thank you for the pictures, we got them and watched them today. We have so so good memories! Thank you for this unforgetable time! Enjoy life!
Pavel L
Pavel L
Not worth your money With reading previous reviews, I expected great service with the money I was paying (almost 25,000PHP) for 2 PAX. Very disappointed with my tour guide as she wasn't very interactive and this tour was definitely overpriced. Just a heads up 'whale sharks' cost 1000PHP per person and the 'canyoning' costs roughly 2500PHP per person (here they palm you off to another company and the 'cebu exclusive holiday' tour guide stays behind. Think about where your money is really going. The breakfast was 1 egg, 2 small pieces of bacon and rice? Also, they gave us 200PHP for lunch (not even $10)? What a rip! It's been over a month and we still haven't received all of our videos. Extremely disappointed with Gadie.
Kimberly A
Kimberly A
EXECELLENT COMMUNICATION + TOUR GUIDE Cebu Exclusive Holiday is very well at communicating throughout the whole aspect of our trip. From deciding to be with them, we kept good threads of emails to confirm pick up times and dates. We also had an option, to customize each tour. Upon arrival into Cebu, the guide picked us up on time, spent a whole day doing the activities as promised. Did not feel rushed, super friendly staff, and make sure you request MARK as your tour guide. Tours are pricey, but you are paying for safety, and it was worth it. Definitely go swim with the whalesharks!
bee b
bee b
Cebu Tour I had an unforgettable experience thanks to Cebu Exclusive Holiday. It was my first time in south Cebu and the team that accompanied me made it an awesome experience, one that I will not forget. The time and money I spent was very worth it. They were very experienced and caring and made sure that I was comfortable and taken care of the whole time. I definitely recommend them and will trust my future tour plans with them.
Jessica L
Jessica L
Very helpful so far....Travelling April 2017 My wife and I have booked 2 weeks in Cebu and Bohol with CEH. Gadie has been very helpful, designing a personalised itinerary for us to ensure it really is our special holiday. Nothing has been too much trouble, from getting the accommodation right to making sure all the outings and excursions are right. We started the whole thing back in July 2016 and are happy with everything now. And excited!! We continue to read the reviews of the company and we are so looking forward to being in the Philippines with Gadie and CEH.
Whalesharks + Waterfalls = Best Cebu Trip experience For this tour, I only expected to see some whalesharks and eat out but this became a very fun and memorable time hanging out with GB and her crew. In the morning, you get picked up around 0400 and drop you back before 2000. We were suppose to be back by 1700 but we ended up staying longer than we should at the falls they brought us too. Long story short, they take you to the whole southern part of cebu and its an all day event. With the price you pay, they shuttle you, provide you coffee, water, and beer. Also, breakfast and lunch is included. So you do not have to bring your own food or drinks for this trip. Plebty of my friends have gopros and waterproof cameras but it was nice to know that GB provided the courtesy to take photos of are trip because my batteries died before I got to the kawasan falls. If you want a great trip in cebu, i would go with this guys.
markyoto c
markyoto c
Sincere and friendly service from the Philippine We chose CEH despite it being the expensive choice because my brother who had spent 8 months working in Manila had warned us of how rough and risky the local taxi and car service can be. And most tour services in the Philippine are comparatively high anyway so we chose one we believe safest and experienced with private car and everything. And indeed CEH was. I'd recommended this tours.We booked 2 days tour: D1 whale sharks and waterfalls and D2 Island hoping. We had Micheal and Joniie (plus driver) as our guides on the first day, my husband and I wondered why 2 tour guides since there're only 6 of us and Joniie told us that 2 guides so that one is for special care on my 2 kids! She said don't worry I will watch your kids. I was very impressed (It's very thoughtful of Gadie, the boss, to send extra when there're kids around) and Joniie was wonderful, friendly and indeed really looking after my kids for me. For example while we were swimming with whale sharks, she kept telling me to go go enjoy yourself, I will watch your kids, as a mother I am always concern for my kids wherever they are but she keep reassuring and indeed I had a bit of freedom to swim around without having to worry about them as they are not as strong swimmer. We really enjoyed the Whale sharks, it was a wonderful experience. You are not allow to use and sunblock or make up and not allow to touch the whale sharks but the encounter was close and wonderful. One comment though that there was no proper place to shower or wash yourself after whale sharks, there are only one very poor shower with very long queue, we had to wash ourselves from the water tank which I dont even know if it's clean. No chance for shower! Then we were off to 2 waterfalls, which unfortunately the first one was dried up and the second one: Kawasan fall, the water was not clear since there was some building work near the top cascade. Micheal and Joniie suggested that we keep walking to the top level as they believed the water will be clear up there. We did so it was a further 30 mins walk and climb but I enjoyed it and Micheal was there helping us carry stuffs and Joniie was helping my kids all along. Indeed the water was crystal clear at top level and it was worth it. We swam and enjoyed very much. After this, they took us to proper shower place, which was nice. We had a nice lunch but foods was not quite enough for 6 people. I made comment on this on a comment sheet as our day ended. The next day, the food arrangement improved immensely! there were too much food now! But I do appreciate the immediate improvement to my previous day comment.Day 2: Island hoping: Joniie was booked for another tour so Gadi sent an older lady friend and Micheal, again thoughtful of her so that there's an extra pair of eyes on my kids. Today went well and we enjoyed everything, including the food (which is very hard for me to appreciate foods: I am a restaurant owner and is used to delicious Thai food, so I'm always try to be fair on other people food :) ) The only thing was the boat ride back to shore. We had heavy rain and strong wind on the way back so the ride back was bumpy and was a bit frightening for me. I think had we have a bigger boat, we'd probably feel safer. However, my kids enjoyed it, they thought it was fun and exciting rides! (it's great to be kids!!)Overall, there are some small points that can be improved but at least I'm sure Gadi is always ready to receive comments and willing to improve. Joniie was wonderful and Micheal although very quiet for a tour guide, he is polite and helpful. I'd recommend their service!

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