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Oslob Whale Shark Watching

We seek adventure where others only dream

Whale shark in Tan-awan Oslob was discovered on 2012 with the fishermen who went out for their lively hood to catch fish in the ocean. The fishermen went out for net fishing and throwing small shrimps in the sea to feed the fish. It is the best way to catch net the fish but when they throw the shrimp into the sea, the “Butanting” Local    name of the whale shark appeared in the surface and they are shock  because it is super big and they thought it will kill them. The fisher man departed from the net fishing area but the Whale shark” keep following them. Finally,they went back home to ther own town and tell the story to the dive shop center. The scuba instructor when he heard this story, he was very interested and told to the fisherman to let him join on their netfishing area. And this scuba instructor man is a Japanese and does not know how to speak Fililipino language.He finally join and he took pictures and video and sent it to Japan scuba diving shop. Since then a lot of Japanese coming to Cebu Philippines just to see this whale shark and do scuba diving.Gadie Bacali- is a freediver and she was the first chosen Filipina freediver to freedive/ Snorkeling with the whale shark and was chosen also by the local tourism office in Tan-awan Oslob to invite all the tourist people to come and visit Cebu for this local attraction. It was in the news papers and in all world wide television  news and Miss Gadie Bacali was always in the Video for the demonstration that the whale shark “ Butanting” is a Gentle giant and very harmless.

Pick up time: 3:30 AM why? First come first serve and to avoid long lane they have limited tickets issue. Open until 12NN only and there is NO extension time

Pick up at your hotel and drop off to your hotel { it is 3 ½ half hours drive from Cebu City depends on the speed.
Breakfast after the whale shark Snorkeling { not advisable to eat before Snorkeling or your will vomit.

Life vest

Mask and Snorkeling

Entrance fees


Underwater photos and videos

What to bring?
Your own underwater camera if you have and Enjoy.

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